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Ideas for Double-Sided Business Cards

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The cost of a double-sided business cards is usually only slightly higher than the cost of those single-sided. That’s why it is always a good idea to use this additional space for the benefit of your brand. The reverse side is perfect to include some additional information such as: product descriptions, menus, maps or alternative language version.

  • bulleted list / menu
  • short product description
  • map
  • alternative language version


Another great idea will be to leave some space and let your clients use it to make notes (e.g. next visit date). This will work especially well if you are running service business such as a private medical practice or a hair salon.

Alternatively, the reverse side of your business card can be designed to serve your clients as a loyalty card (collecting stamps / stickers).

  • notes, space to write down next visit date
  • space for collecting stamps
  • calendar


Using a solid color or a pattern on the reverse side of your business cards will improve their aesthetic quality in a big way. Adding elements such as logo will ensure that the look of your business cards align with the identity of your brand.

  • pattern / solid color
  • logo
  • slogan / brand tagline
  • kontra
  • dzielone dane pół na pół
  • large photo
  • photo gallery


Want to enrich your business cards with additional information? Link to some multimedia (such as video)? Use business cards with a scannable QR code. The code will provide your clients and business partners with an easy access to bonus materials that you want to share with them.

It’s important to ensure that scanners won’t have any problem reading the QR code. That’s why a good practice is to place the QR code on the reverse side of your business card where there will be enough space to print the code of a proper size.

  • QR code

What makes our business cards and marketing materials stand out is their high quality, eye-catching design
as well as a variety of technical solutions offered (printing techniques, paper stocks, refinements).
We are recommended even by our competitors. Every day we do our best to maintain such a reputation.
Along with business cards, we design and print flyers, business brochures and product catalogs. We also produce digital and offset posters and large format prints (banners).
If you need some marketing materials such as letterhead, custom envelopes, invitation cards, notepads or corporate folders, we have a lot to choose from.
In addition to printed materials, you can also order rubber stamps, engraved pens and a variety of 2021 calendars (wall, desk and pocket).
We provide free shipping to any place in Poland.
If you are from the Warsaw area you can visit our office in Piaseczno.