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Printing House & Graphic Design Studio

Warsaw | Poland

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Professional design services

30 years of experience

Flat Unfinished Sheets (Plano Sheets)

For professionals operating advertising agencies, print shops or xero points we offer production of flat unfinished sheets (so-called plano sheets) intended for further processing (cutting, folding etc.).

Utilizing unfinished sheets is an effective way to reduce your business costs. Just combine materials for different clients in a single sheet and do the cutting by yourself.

The good news is that you don’t have to compromise on quality. To ensure top results our flat unfinished sheets are produced on state-of-the-art printing machines: HP Indigo (A3+), Ryobi (A1, A2) and Komori Lithrone (B2).

We guarantee swift and professional service as well as free shipping (courier).

Interested? Contact us to discuss details or request a free quote.

Digital Printing

Any number of sheets – produced on HP Indigo 5600 digital press.

  • single-sided color 4+0 CMYK
  • single-sided black 1+0
  • double-sided color 4+4 CMYK
  • double-sided black 1+1 Black
  • double-sided 4+1 CMYK + Black

A3+ (480 x 330 mm), print area 315 x 450 mm

  • matte coated paper 130 / 170 / 200 / 250 / 350gsm
  • gloss coated paper 130 / 170 / 200 / 250 / 350gsm
  • offset 80 / 90gsm
  • DALI White 120 / 285gsm
  • DALI Corn 120 / 285gsm
  • DALI Light Grey 285gsm
  • Elfenbein White Linen 246gsm
  • KEAYKOLOUR EMBOSSED White natural / striped 300gsm
  • MODIGLIANI White 260gsm
  • MODIGLIANI Corn 260gsm
  • MODIGLIANI Light Corn 260gsm
  • STARDREAM Quartz 285gsm
  • STARDREAM Opal 285gsm
  • ALASKA Paperboard with cream color bottom 250 / 300gsm
  • ARKTIKA Paperboard with white color bottom 300gsm

Offset Printing

Quantity: 100 / 250 / 500 / 1000 / 1500 sheets


  • A1 (RYOBI 924 offset press)
  • B2 (KOMORI Lithrone S29 offset press)


  • double-sided color 4+4 CMYK

A1+ (880 x 630 mm), print area 870 x 607 mm

  • gloss coated paper 130gsm
  • gloss coated paper 170gsm
  • offset 90gsm

A2+ (640 x 450 mm), print area 607 x 430 mm

  • gloss coated paper 130gsm
  • gloss coated paper 170gsm
  • matte coated paper 350gsm

B2 (700 x 500 mm), print area 680 x 480 mm

  • gloss coated paper 130gsm
  • gloss coated paper 170gsm
  • matte coated paper 350gsm

What makes our business cards and marketing materials stand out is their high quality, eye-catching design
as well as a variety of technical solutions offered (printing techniques, paper stocks, refinements).
We are recommended even by our competitors. Every day we do our best to maintain such a reputation.
Along with business cards, we design and print flyers, business brochures and product catalogs. We also produce digital and offset posters and large format prints (banners).
If you need some marketing materials such as letterhead, custom envelopes, invitation cards, notepads or corporate folders, we have a lot to choose from.
In addition to printed materials, you can also order rubber stamps, engraved pens and a variety of 2021 calendars (wall, desk and pocket).
We provide free shipping to any place in Poland.
If you are from the Warsaw area you can visit our office in Piaseczno.