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MultiLoft Business Cards

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MultiLoft business cards are a novelty in digital printing. Combining four separate layers of paperboard results in a business card that is significantly thicker compared to a standard business card. MultiLoft (multilayer) cards weight is app. 250gsm, while for standard cards it is typically only 350gsm.

What makes MuliLoft business cards exceptionally stiff and durable is their layered structure. The first layer is the front page of your business card, while the fourth one is its back page. Between them there is a colored interlayer (consisting of the second and third layer) that improves both qualities and looks of the card. All the layers are glued together to create a solid and elegant final product.

Do you want to customize your card? No problem. The interlayer is available in 12 different color options so you can easily pick the one that will be perfectly match your brand identity.

The outer layers are printed on a white paper stock that is additionally laminated using matt foil to protect both surface and edges of your multilayered business cards.

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  • 100 pcs
  • 250 pcs
  • 500 pcs

Your MultiLoft business cards will be shipped in elegant and handy paperboard boxes. If you are ordering for the first time you will also get a useful acrylic business card holder for free.

size / format:

  • standard 50 x 90 mm
  • euro 55 x 85 mm

double-sided printing:

  • double-sided color (4+4) CMYK + matt lamination on both sides

MutliLoft business cards are printed using Xerox X1000 – a machine that guarantees excellent quality that is comparable to offset printing.

paper stock used for outer layers (sheets)

  • white paperboard 275gsm

paper stock options available for colored interlayer (insert):

  • black insert 2 x 275gsm
  • light green insert 2 x 275gsm
  • light blue insert 2 x 275gsm
  • orange insert 2 x 275gsm
  • mocca insert 2 x 275gsm
  • grey insert 2 x 275gsm
  • burgundy insert 2 x 275gsm
  • yellow insert 2 x 275gsm
  • green insert 2 x 275gsm
  • blue insert 2 x 275gsm
  • red insert 2 x 275gsm
  • pink insert 2 x 275gsm

additional options available:

  • punch holes

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What makes our business cards and marketing materials stand out is their high quality, eye-catching design
as well as a variety of technical solutions offered (printing techniques, paper stocks, refinements).
We are recommended even by our competitors. Every day we do our best to maintain such a reputation.
Along with business cards, we design and print flyers, business brochures and product catalogs. We also produce digital and offset posters and large format prints (banners).
If you need some marketing materials such as letterhead, custom envelopes, invitation cards, notepads or corporate folders, we have a lot to choose from.
In addition to printed materials, you can also order rubber stamps, engraved pens and a variety of 2021 calendars (wall, desk and pocket).
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